If you are in need of addictions and/or mental health services and

you feel ready for a new start, Lennon House can help.

People can and do recover.

Please fill out the application provided below if you would like to benefit from treatment and recovery with us at Lennon House. Applications can be filled in by clicking the document below and mail to the following email address:


Applications can be printed, filled by hand, and mailed directly to the address below:

2211 Church Road, Route 243

Rustico, PE

C0A 1N0

*If you have already applied to our program, please contact our office at (902) 963-4029 at least every three months to ensure you remain on our waitlist. If we do not hear from an applicant within three months, they will be removed from our waitlist, and will need to re-apply to our program.


Prospective residents must match the following criteria:

  • 18 years or older at the time of first intake interview

  • Must be willing to provide a release of medical and personal information to ensure the resident's physician and others are involved in their circle of care

  • Medications and mental health must be stabilized

  • Must be able to communicate in English

  • Must be physically and emotionally able to participate in classroom learning, and to engage in leisurely activities in the community; if applicants have a learning disability and/or are unable to read, our Peer Support Staff will assist them

  • Physically be able to walk up and down stairs. Notwithstanding, there is accommodation for wheelchair accessibility

  • Be willing to live in a communal setting, complete household chores, able to get along with other residents, of both men and women, who may come from diverse backgrounds and cultures

  • Must be capable of own personal care; physical and/or mental illnesses must be those at a level of accommodation and support by Lennon House

  • Be committed to achieving recovery in an abstinence-based program

  • Must be committed to recovery and aware that treatment may last up to one year

  • Must be willing to provide urine samples as well as breathalyzer tests when requested

  • All prescribed medications must be provided by the local pharmacy, including over the counter medications

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