Lennon House would not be possible without our dedicated team of board members, administration, and peer support workers, currently devoting their time to ensure Lennon House runs smoothly as it works to give those who are struggling, their life back.


Dianne Young

Founder & Director

Dianne is the drive and power behind Lennon House. She has been in recovery for 22 years, has peer support training, and is familiar with the recovery community here on PEI.

Dianne is skilled in a number of programs for Mental Health & Addictions, such as Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST), SMART Recovery Facilitators Training, and a variety of community training courses from Abegweit Associates.

Dianne has three adult children and ten grandchildren. She resides in Charlottetown with her husband Danny, two of her grandchildren, and their three dogs: Ottis, Olive, and Pepper.

Dianne is available by email at dianne@lennonhouse.ca.

Dianne is grateful to have such a dedicated and compassionate board come alongside her in this very important mission. She is pleased to present her Board of Directors & Staff below.

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Steve Guy

House Manager

Steve has been in recovery for 28 years, and has been helping those struggling with addiction for many years. Steve attended Vancouver Community College studying Substance Abuse, and has worked with Choices Recovery House, as well as Team Challenge in Siberia, Russia.  

He also brings years of experience in Operational Management to our board.  Steve also plays in many local Island bands.

"I am very humbled and honoured to be a part of this much needed resource, and look forward to the many success stories to be written as a result of the work that will be done through Lennon House."

Steve is available through email at



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Shannon Plouffe

Office Manager

"It has been a great experience working alongside Dianne as her admin assistant.  Working behind the scenes to build a nonprofit organization from the ground up takes a tremendous amount of work and has caused me to draw on my many years of office administration experience as well as my faith.  I am grateful to have been able to contribute to the success of seeing Lennon House open and operational.  Guided by Dianne’s vision and passion, Lennon House now exists to provide supportive aftercare to individuals who are moving from a life of addiction to a life of recovery.  It is awesome to be a part of it!

Married and blessed with 6 children, I live in Mayfield with my husband, Wayne, and our teenage son.  We have 11 grandchildren, 7 of them living on the island."  

Shannon is available through email at:



Erin Henry

Red Seal Chef

Chef Erin Henry has been cooking professionally since 2002. After moving to Prince Edward Island, she completed the Culinary Arts program as well as the Applied Degree in Culinary Operations at the Culinary Institute of Canada. Since then, Erin’s been working hard honing her cooking skills and completing her Red Seal. Most recently, she taught cooking classes to children and adults at Holland Colleges’ Culinary Bootcamps.

In her role at Lennon House, Erin’s top priority is to provide our residents and staff with nutritious, balanced and delicious meals in a structured and safe food environment. Erin also teaches food-related life skills to our residents, including nutrition, budgeting and easy recipes.


Tansi Katz

Erin's Apprentice

"Lennon Recovery House has been such a wonderful environment to be a part of. I’ve been here for about a year and it’s been absolutely heartwarming to watch the life changing impacts this organization has had on the residents and staff. My current role at the house is in the kitchen. I am training as Erin Henry's apprentice, providing nutritious meals and treats to the residents. I am grateful for this opportunity to be learning more about one's personal recovery, and the role that nutrition and healthy eating plays in that journey. I am proud to be involved with Lennon Recovery House and am always looking forward to hearing about residents’ success stories."


Michael Callahan

Medicinal Admin/Case Planning Personnel

Michael is new to the field of Addictions and Mental Health work. After working nearly a decade in IT, he felt that it was time for a change. Every day, he feels he learns something new from the residents of LH. Their strength and courage inspire him to grow more as a person.


“I am grateful to be a small part of this amazing family.”


Jolaine Leblanc

Peer Support Facilitator

Jolaine says she is "beyond thrilled" to be a part of our support staff: "Lennon House has put together an incredible team".

5 years ago Jolaine worked in a rehabilitation centre for women in New Brunswick. Since arriving back on PEI, it has been a dream of hers to give back what she says

"was so freely given to me".

Jolaine has been in recovery for seven years and looks forward to "listening, encouraging, and supporting these beautiful people that we've been blessed with so far, and all those to come. My heart feels so grateful that we have this amazing, loving home for our islanders struggling with addictions and mental health. Love is all they need."


Peer Support Staff are critical to our mission here at Lennon House.

A peer support worker is someone who reflects upon and shares their experiences with addiction and/or mental health challenges, whether it be themselves or someone close to them.  

This helps our residents build trusting relationships and relate to staff that have overcome similar challenges, in order to inspire, model, and inform others in similar situations,

and support them in finding their own path to recovery.


Shianne Strickland

Peer Support Worker

Shianne is 23 years old and lives with her partner of six years, and her beautiful two year old daughter.

"I'm always had a strong desire for helping others but my interest in this specific field stems from experiencing first-hand the pain and heartache of substance abuse within the family. I know Lennon House will change many lives on PEI and I am honored to be a part of this team. I look forward to bringing a sensitivity and deep compassion to our staff team and hope for Lennon House residents to achieve full recovery."


Ralph Josey

Peer Support Worker

"As a biker I was taught trust, loyalty, and respect. As a bouncer I was taught to display patience while remaining firmly in control.

As a banker I was taught logic, discernment, and professionalism.

Now as a believer of Christ and HIS ongoing mission, I am able to lead others to the light of salvation using each of the aforementioned life skills I picked up along the way.

These sober character traits combined with the knowledge of truth and the power of love plus sacrificial kindness will be the simple offerings that I firmly commit to service.

At 65, Lennon Recovery House will fully complete my purpose driven life and it is here that I will finally learn to fly."

Wayne Plouffe

Peer Support Worker

Wayne joined the Lennon House team in January 2021 and wears several hats! He works 3 days a week as a handyman and driver, and then a weekend shift as a Peer Worker. Although he is not in recovery, he knows all too well the devastation and instability that addiction causes. Born into a family of alcoholism and addiction, he has experienced the trauma and pain that addiction brings. At Lennon House, he is grateful to be able to be on the healing side of recovery. With a kind and gentle spirit, he relates easily with the residents and is always ready to listen and to help however possible.

"...that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted..."

Linda MacDonald

Peer Support Staff

Linda has been in recovery for 11 years and was an active Board member at Lennon Recovery House for two years. She is a wellness practitioner utilizing modalities of Reiki, AromaTouch Therapy, and Quantum Hypnosis Healing to name a few. She is an artist and musician. Linda is honored to give back some of the beautiful and many gifts she has received in recovery.

Robbie Gill

Peer Support Worker

Robbie has been employed with Lennon House since the winter of 2021. After years of struggling with alcoholism, and finally accepting that he needed help, he reached out. “I was truly amazed by the amount of people that were there to help and guide me along the way.” Now with years of sobriety and feeling good about himself, he felt it was time to give back. A friend asked him if he was interested in coming to Lennon House to work a few shifts and he decided to give it a try. 


“The residents and coworkers are great. Being able to be there for them, listen, talk and share our stories has been truly amazing. On my drive to work, I can see the big yellow house in the distance and a smile comes on my face.”

Devin Wolters

Peer Support Staff

I’m 30 years old, and live in a Charlottetown PEI. I was born and raised on a pig farm in Covehead with my wonderful parents, 2 sisters and brother. Recently I just celebrated 8 years clean. For the past number of years I’ve held fundraisers for the Lennon House raising thousands of dollars and other things such as clothing and toiletries. Since the day Lennon House opened I have been following the work of Dianne and wanted to help give back through the house. With my own experience in addiction and living in a recovery house, I’m excited to bring what I have learned to the house and be a positive impact on the residents!


Crystal McTague

Peer Support Worker

Crystal is 34 years old and lives with her fiancee of 3 years and her 9 year old daughter. 

Crystal is very grateful to be on such a great team here at Lennon house, as she knows first hand how helpful and much needed this program is. Being in recovery herself, she enjoys being able to give back what she has received. She strives to be a positive impact, to help and guide others on their journey to recovery. 


"Acceptance is the doorway to healing" 


Carah Ross

Peer Support Worker

"I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing team that is saving, changing and impacting the lives of so many."

Carah is 35 years old with a 16 year old son.

She is very plugged in and connected to the recovery community of PEI.

Carah is a grateful recovering addict with 3.5 years of sobriety. 


"Recovery is my passion because I know what it is like to be stuck in that daily struggle feeling hopeless. I truly believe that my recovery is a gift and I want to try to give back what was so freely given to me."


Jessica Praught

Peer Support Worker

Recovering Addict & Alcoholic since 2018, Jess has empathy, wisdom, open-mindedness, and strength to offer to those looking for recovery. She is creative, musical, and passionate. Jess has worked in the Human Services field for 3 years and enjoys being of service to others. She loves animals and believes in the therapeutic value of animal therapy. Her small dog occasionally visits Lennon House and brightens up the day of those he crosses paths with. 


Jim McGarry

Peer Support Worker

Jim is a small business owner with 32 years in recovery. For the past 12 years, he has been practicing Native traditions and ceremonies. Jim has 4 children and currently lives in Charlottetown, PE.

"It's a beautiful honor to work with an amazing team and clients."

-Change is possible, when we embrace worthiness-

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Karen Baillard

Mindfulness Instruction

The human journey is indeed challenging, yet gratifying and humbling. When we hold space for one another's vulnerability, pain and suffering with presence, love and non-judgement, the seeds of self-healing have been sown. Together, in our groups, I feel truly blessed to share this healing journey with each of these courageous souls.  They are also my teachers, reflecting back, parts of myself, which I yet have to meet and accept... thank you.

"The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely" - Carl Jung

Karen lives in Warren Grove with her daughter, 3 cats and Maggie, their golden retriever. She is a Certified Soul Path Coach Practitioner, a Certified Shamanic Energy Healing Practitioner and a Reiki Master.

Ann Visser

4Better4Ever Inc.

Ann brings various programs to Lennon House as a life coach and speaker. Ann teaches our residents how to build healthy relationships, cope with their trauma, build themselves up, and take leadership of their lives. 

Ann brings powerful leadership skills to our home and encourages our residents to see their true potential in their recovery. 

Find out more about Ann and 4Better4Ever at www.4better4ever.com

Martin Rutte

Heaven on Earth

Martin brought his Project Heaven on Earth to Lennon House in 2020, and brings a sense of humor to our home, encouraging our residents to find their new purpose in life through three simple steps: 

1. Recall a time when you experienced Heaven on Earth. What was happening?

2. Imagine you have a magic wand and with it you can create Heaven on Earth. What is Heaven on Earth to you?

3. What simple, easy, concrete step will you take in the next 24 hours to make Heaven on Earth real? 

Find out more about Martin and Project Heaven on Earth at www.martinrutte.com.

OpenDoor Outreach

Spiritual Guidance

Cheryl, Jerika, and Wendy from OpenDoor Outreach provide life skills programming to Lennon House on a weekly basis. They cover topics such as creating healthy boundaries, identity, values and issues related to thriving rather than coping.  OpenDoor also offers one-on-one mentoring to those in recovery from addictions; who have been incarcerated or who are in need of spiritual healing.

Find out more about Open Door Outreach at www.opendoorpei.ca. 


BOARD of Directors
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Ron Nicholson

President; Board of Directors

Addictions and mental health recovery hit close to home for Ron, who went through 21 admissions to detox/rehab clinics until he was 25 years old.

Now 25 years clean and sober, he advocates for those who suffer as he did, and is passionate about those having access to the help they need.

Ron also serves as the municipal councilor of the newly formed Three Rivers, a monumental opportunity he did not hesitate to undertake.

Ron  resides in Montague with his young family.


Donna MacIntyre

Vice President; Board of Directors

While driving by Lennon House during the summer of 2019 and seeing a lone little red car parked beside the newly sided yellow building, Donna felt compelled to drop in to offer Diane support with such a huge undertaking.  After retiring from Health PEI with close to 40 years working in clinical social work, supervisory and management team roles, Donna joined the Board. Now proudly employed as a mental health therapist with Lennox Island First Nations she is excited to have Ted RedSky on the Board for his Indigenous perspective and knowledge. Donna feels a strong sense of responsibility to not only those in need of a recovery home but also to the many volunteers and donors who have been so generous of their time and resources to support Lennon House.


Robin Vermette

Secretary; Board of Directors

Robin has been a federal employee for the last 20 years, and ensures though that may be her job, her passion is helping others.

Robin joined our Board of Directors with decades of experience in addictions and recovery and is dedicated to seeing Islanders get the opportunity to recover.

"It has been my misfortune to see people at their worst, but it has also been my blessing to see them rise up and be at their best."

Robin resides in Summerside with her partner.

Tyler Hughes.jpg

Tyler Hayes

Treasurer; Board of Directors

Tyler joined the Lennon House board in late 2019 to help necessary services to Islanders, and since January of 2020 to serve as Treasurer.

He has worked in the outsourcing and managed services industry for the past 15 years, working with some of the largest Canadian and Global technology companies and leading teams of over 500 staff in both Ontario and PEI. He is currently working in the IT Managed Services Industry with Buchanan Technologies as Director of Canadian Operations, and leads a team of over 150 staff.

Tyler grew up in the Montague area where he and his wife Tasha now raise their family. He is a volunteer coach for both Montague Minor Hockey and Cardigan Baseball programs, and serves on the Board of Directors for Montague Minor Hockey.


Ted Redsky

Member; Board of Directors

Ted is First Nation - Ojibway that follows his traditional ways, and therefore brings his knowledge and background in Indigenous culture and ceremonies to Lennon House.

The board is honoured to have him to guide Lennon House with integrating cultural sensitivity and First Nations spirituality into our recovery home programs.

Ted brings much experience to Lennon House and is familiar with family alcoholism and substance abuse. He served on the Ontario Police Force and is a retired Customs Inspector. He currently works for the Canadian Red Cross as a Health Technician.  


Evelyn Casey

Member; Board of Directors

Evelyn resides in Stanley Bridge with her husband Stan. In December of 2018, she retired from her 10-year position as supervisor of the St. Eleanor's House, an Extended Care Facility in Summerside. Since 1987, Evelyn has been employed with the PEI Government. She has supported people struggling with addictions and mental health for many years. Some were able to change their lives and others didn't get that opportunity. It is Evelyn's hope that Lennon House can be a part of the change that the women and men of PEI so desire and need.

"Together, we can do this."

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Dave Johnston

Member; Board of Directors

Dave retired in 2015 as a Senior Accountant Executive with ONX Enterprise Solutions. Some of Dave's major work achievements include: securing a multimillion-dollar multiyear contract with the Province of PEI and enhancing strong relationships in the partner and manufacturer arena. Dave is and has been an avid volunteer with the Kosovo Refugee Settlement Program, Camp Triumph, Big Brothers, the Prince County Hospital, Parkview Seniors, and the Christian Motorcycle Association. Dave is very passionate about Mental Health and Recovery Programs.

Dave is 58 years old and resides in Summerside.  He has three adult children: Amber, Kristine, and Dylan, who are all thriving in their perspective industries.