October Fundraisers Events

October was a wonderfully busy month for all of us here at Lennon House. We had several events and we want to send our thanks to everyone who participated in these fundraisers. Coming together in communities across the Island, it’s thanks to all of you kind donors and volunteers that we are on track to opening the doors of Lennon Recovery House.

First, our 2nd Annual Nathan Condon Concert took place Oct 4th, and we were able to raise $1,205. Thank you to Wendell Cameron for organizing this event in memory of Nathan, and for his ongoing support of Lennon House.

On October 14th we held the 3rd Annual “Thanks for Giving” Bike Run. We want to send our thanks to Donnie and Jackie Aitken for hosting this exciting event. The day was beautiful and just perfect for a bike ride. We finished the day with a great lunch, prepared by Jackie and Dianne at Lennon House. Thanks to everyone involved, we were able to raise $3,063 for Lennon House.

Next on October 18, the 2nd Annual Storytelling and Music Night, hosted by Paul and Lois Chandler, raised $980. We had a wonderful crowd at Charlottetown’s Jack Blanchard Hall, and Paul and Lois were fantastic hosts! 

Finally, on October 20, we had a great show at our 3rd Annual “Music for Hope” concert at Tracadie Cross Hall. We feel so blessed to have had such talented performers who lit up the night with their beautiful songs. If you didn’t have the pleasure of seeing them for yourself, pay a visit to the Music of Hope page to see videos of these talented folks. The event was hosted by Linda MacDonald and Chris Raumbanis, who raised a lot of ruckus and $1,375!

Thank you!

Coming up in November, we have even more fundraising events planned. Stay tuned to our events page, where we will be posting an update of all the upcoming events. We hope to see many of you come out again to show your support for Lennon Recovery House.  

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