Jim Good Book Launch on December 7th

Jim Good will be launching his new book, Understanding the Impact of the Addicted Person: A Layperson’s 1st Step Guide to Recovery. We will be holding the book launch at Lennon House in Rustico on Saturday, December 7th from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.  

Jim recently retired from the Mount Herbert Provincial Addictions Facility where he worked as a Family Addictions Counsellor for 20 years. Through feedback from family members, he was able to develop a perspective called the “Eggshell Perspective” which helped many family members, as well as the addicted person, gain insight through the recovery process. The book brings forth a picture hidden behind the scene, which explains clearly why we become so wounded by addictions. It changes our perspective, allowing us to love in a more supportive way, while maintaining our own identity.  Jim is presently living in Rustico and has self-published this book. 

Jim will give a short 15-minute visual presentation of the essence of his book to help people gain insight into a new way of approaching addiction. We invite you all to come to hear more about Jim’s accomplished research in support of families dealing with addictions. Come support this insightful book launch at Lennon House!

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