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Lennon house offers the tools and resources to recover from addiction and co-occurring mental health challenges.

Our Residents do not live in Our Workspace, we work in their Home

Lennon House officially opened in April of 2020 and now houses 22 residents, both male and female, who have begun their journey to successful recovery from addiction. 


Overview of Lennon House

Lennon House ensures the continuum of care for those with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders associated with substance use disorder.

Lennon house fits into a model of care which can improve and encourage the long term path to recovery. 

We improve the flow and efficiency of services and support across our island. 

A resident may stay from three to 12 months. 


It is recommended that no one stays less than three months. This will depend on the needs of the resident.

Lennon House is Peer based.

Our model of care is meant to feel and act like a home, as opposed to a medical facility.

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