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"I am convinced that lives can be saved if proper supports are put in place"

Dianne Young

The Vision of Lennon House

We are working hard to open the doors of Lennon Recovery House 
But the birth of this new project had not been an easy journey for the bereaved mother, Dianne Young. Soon after losing Lennon to his struggle , Dianne set out to be a part of the solution, to open a Recovery Home for those who suffered as Lennon did. She ventured on the arduous and often frustrating route to create Lennon House to bring improved services to people struggling with addiction and related mental health issues after her son’s death in 2013. Young was determined to find a solution to the ongoing drug and mental health crises in the province, and bring better services to those without access to the care that they require. Dianne challenged and protested the lack of available resources for those on the Island battling with addiction. She turned her painful experience into a mission to make the care that is so badly needed available to those with addiction and mental health challenges. Young dedicated the following years to raising donations and renovating the new space for the Lennon Recovery House

Mission Statement

The mission of Lennon Recovery House Association is to provide a temporary home in a caring, healing community for persons recovering from addictions and co-occurring mental health disorders; to foster a culture of self-respect and caring for each other in an atmosphere of compassion, responsibility, and accountability, and to engage clients, staff, volunteers, and the local community in a holistic plan for healthy living.

The model of care followed at Lennon House will be based on a holistic approach to recovery. Our Goal is to provide individuals with better opportunity to recover and heal from addictions and mental health issues.

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How We Care

Lennon  Recovery House aims to provide support and programming in order to facilitate the recovery and well being of its residents who long for a chance at a more productive and contented way of life. Holistic healing therapies, peer support staff, and group therapies along with compassionate care modelling will help to make this happen.


All new residents will be paired with a peer support worker to guide and support them through the various programs. In this phase, there will be no outside communication with family or friends so that this time will allow the residents to focus on integration into Lennon House.

Active Treatment

Mainstream therapy is Living in Balance core programme from Hazelden Publishing and is evidence based.
Other therapies that will be included are life skills, education (including preparation for GED if needed), yoga therapy, garden therapy, emotion management, art and music therapy and animal therapy.

Community Intergration

Residents will work on rebuilding family connections and prepare for transitioning back into their community. This phase involves searching for employment, housing and/or education, building recovery supports and developing community connections

Deepest gratitude to Everyone who helped Us...

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