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Who We Are

Lennon House would not be possible without our dedicated team of board members, administration, and peer support workers, currently devoting their time to ensure Lennon House runs smoothly as it works to give those who are struggling, their life back.



Opened in 1882, what is now Lennon House was formerly the St. Augustine's Convent, a Convent Boarding and Day School run by the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame.

In 1932, it was destroyed by fire, but quickly rebuilt to continue schooling for local residents.

1977, after several transfers of ownership, the building was purchased by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlottetown and renamed as the Belcourt Centre, used as a retreatment house and renewal centre from 1981 through 2004.

From 2004 through 2013, Belcourt centre continued to offer services to those in need of a homelike atmosphere.

Lennon House's founder, Dianne Young, submitted a proposal to repurpose Belcourt, it was her plan to open a recovery home for those that struggled like her son Lennon did.

In October of 2017, Bishop Richard Grecco accepted Dianne's proposal, and she handed him a loonie to close the sale.​

Lennon House officially opened in April of 2020 and now houses 22 residents, both male and female, who have begun their journey to successful recovery from addiction. 

The mission at Lennon House is to provide a temporary home in a caring, healing community for those recovering from addictions and co-occurring mental health disorders.


We strive to foster a culture of self-respect and care for each other in an atmosphere of compassion, responsibility, and accountability.


We aspire to engage clients, staff, volunteers, and our local community in a holistic plan for healthy living.

Each one of our residents at Lennon House are in different stages of recovery.

We aim to provide support and programming, for a chance at a more productive, healthy, and content way of life, free of addiction.

Holistic healing therapies, peer support staff, and group sessions, alongside the Living in Balance program, will contribute to a successful healing for our residents.

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