Renovation Updates: Thanks to Our Donors!

October was an awesome month for community fundraisers!

With your generous support, we were able to put the finishing touches on the 2nd floor.  Here’s what has been happening at the house: 

  • The first bathroom on the 2nd floor was completed 
  • The second bathroom just needs one toilet to be installed (Toilet is purchased already) 
  • We were able to replace the two windows that got blown out in the storm.  
  • We have now purchased a fridge and freezer – the last two items that were on our list for the kitchen.

The final touches of the 2nd floor will be to give the hallway a fresh coat of paint.

We have the paint already and hope to get started tomorrow!  

Last but not least, we have found our consultant.  We chose a local firm that has supported us in the past – Grant Thornton. The province has generously offered to pay for the consultant and we look forward to working with them once their agreement with the government is finalized. 

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